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Going clean seems to be the in thing this 2018. It's as if a vehicle is shifting to Euro 4 every few weeks, whether it's midsize SUVs, pickup trucks, and even some PUVs. Commercial models are no exception, with a handful of them having already made changes to comply with stricter emissions standards.

The latest truck to make the leap to Euro 4 is the Fuso Canter, one of the country's more popular light-duty truck models. But the new Canter offers more than just cleaner emissions. It now has a higher engine output and an updated exterior design.

There are three models for customers to choose from: the FE71 (10-footer, 123hp and 294Nm), the FE84 (16-footer, 143hp and 362Nm), and the FE85 (18-footer, 177hp and 520Nm). All three flaunt new bumpers and painted grilles up front. Below are their prices of their cab and chassis variants:

*Fuso Canter FE71 – P1,315,000

*Fuso Canter FE84 – P1,481,000

*Fuso Canter FE85 – P1,580,000

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines CEO Mutsuhiro Oshikiri called Fuso's latest truck offerings an important part of the market's local communities.

"Light-duty trucks like the Canter stir economies at the grassroots, making sure goods are accessible to the people. Without these vehicles, our markets would be sad, empty spaces," he said. "That is why it gives us much honor to have this product in our lineup."

If this keeps up, expect more and more commercial fleets to begin shifting to Euro 4 models. So, who's next?


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