The red Subaru Impreza WRX from 'Baby Driver' is up for sale

Badass driving skills not included
by Ollie Kew | Aug 23, 2017

Today, instead of showing you a vastly expensive supercar that’s up for auction, or perhaps a Le Mans-winning barn find, we present you a slightly less upmarket car auction. Here’s an eBay listing for a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX, and frankly, not a pristine one.

The original color was gray, but someone’s decided to respray it bright red. Another person then decided to take Subaru’s famous all-wheel drive, decide they knew better, and throw the front half of the driving components in the trash can. So it’s now rear-wheel drive. Oh, and the seller admits there a few dings and scratches and no warranty. 

There is a very good reason for this Impreza’s unimpressive condition, and the fact it’s currently asking just shy of US$50,000 (P2.56 million). It was the hero stunt car used to make this year’s best film, in Top Gear's humble opinion: Baby Driver. And if you’ve seen the film, and the improbable stunts pulled by this very car in the stunning opening sequence, you’ll agree this thing’s a bargain. And quite lucky to still be in one drivable piece. 

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Fifty thousand dollars for a 254,276-kilometer Scoob that isn’t really very insurable probably doesn’t strike you as a must-have dream garage entrant, but for launching the coolest movie of 2017, and the best motoring flick since, er, Drive, this auction is worth keeping any eye on. Just don’t drive it like you’ve seen Baby do it. You need practice for that. And the right choice of backing music. 

Click here to read our review of Baby Driver.

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