Kia PH puts Rio hatchback\'s toys in new sedan variant

Prices it the same as well
Jul 31, 2013


In Kia\'s local Rio lineup, the five-door EX hatchback gets all the cool features like cruise control, full-auto climate control, and a trip computer that shows the outside temperature and the distance traveled. The sedan variants had a simpler life and made do without those features. Well, that\'s no longer the case as Columbian Autocar Corporation, Kia\'s exclusive distributor in the Philippines, has rolled out a new variant that puts most of the features of the hatchback into the sedan.

According to CAC, the Rio EX-S sedan incorporates the features of the hatchback \"without compromising space and convenience.\" Besides the aforementioned features which the hatchback hands down to the sedan, the EX-S also receives the autolight, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, rain sensor, start/stop button, 17-inch alloy wheels and Bluetooth connectivity.

Continuing to power the EX-S is Kia\'s 1.4-liter Gamma engine that\'s paired to a four-speed automatic transmission.

\"Kia has come a long way in advancing our line of cars, and we are proud to introduce new variants with more improvements for better driving,\" said Columbian Autocar Corporation marketing vice president Dodie Gañac

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The four-door Rio ES-X sedan is now available at Kia\'s dealerships nationwide at P848,000--the same price as the five-door EX hatchback.

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