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Mitsubishi Evo Final Edition no. 1600

That was quick. Do you recall that Lancer Evolution Final Edition we ran a story on a few days back? You know, unit 1,600 of 1,600 in the US? The one going under the hammer online for charity? Well, it's been sold.

The winning bid for the 'final' Final Edition came in at an impressive sum of $76,400 (P3.65 million)—all of which will go to a pair of charities fighting hunger. No word on who the new owner of Lancer Evolution Final Edition unit 1,600 is or what he plans to do with it. Whatever the case, we're extremely jealous.

It definitely feels like the end of an era (as well as our chances at owning one for ourselves). It's a little sad seeing unit 1,600 go, but at least it's for a worthwhile cause.

Will Mitsubishi bring back the Lancer Evo someday? Maybe, maybe not. We certainly hope so. Either way, picking up one of the last to be produced could prove a sage move for its generous bidder, as this is bound to be a collectible that will only appreciate in value. 

Mitsubishi Evo Final Edition no. 1600

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