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Meet the Rapide AMR
by Vijay Pattni | Jun 14, 2018

Breathe a sigh of relief: Aston Martin still makes a big, naturally aspirated V12 engine. And in this new Rapide AMR, it has made its big, naturally aspirated V12 engine more powerful.

What’s an AMR? It stands for Aston Martin Racing, and continues Aston’s increasingly symbiotic relationship between motorsport and its production road cars. Basically, it means the Astons you can buy get special powers direct from the battle-hardened racers that you can’t.

So, with haste, we go to power. That 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 now pumps out a solid 595hp, more than the regular Rapide S’s 552hp. There’s also 630Nm on offer too, and it’s all been made possible thanks to better air flow and a new engine calibration.

There’s a new calibration for the eight-speed gearbox too, and new Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires all round wrapped around 21in wheels (the biggest size ever fitted to an Aston). Drive is sent to the back, though there’s no extra acceleration on offer: 0-100kph still takes 4.4secs. Top speed rises to 330kph. It’s a sedan, don’t forget…

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Stopping power comes courtesy of 400mm carbon ceramics at the front, 360mm at the back, with six/four piston calipers front and rear. The Vanquish S’s brake cooling system is modified here for Rapide AMR duties, while the forged wheels themselves also offer better ventilation. The whole thing sits 10mm lower than a regular Rapide S.

Lower and more aggressively, too. This AMR version—largely unchanged from the 2017 concept car—sprouts a new front grille with hints of Zagato and a splitter, sills, rear diffuser and trunk spoiler all made from carbon fiber. There’s also a new hood with more vents. All the aero is said to reduce lift, “while retaining a neutral balance.”

There’s yet more carbon inside, the option of a One-77 steering wheel, many logos, a plaque, and the option of three different design schemes. The one shown here is the ‘Signature’: green body paint, lime stripes and accents. Silver, blue and black with contrast stripes are also available.

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Available, yes, but in limited numbers. Aston is only building 210 of these Rapide AMRs, for the grand sum of £194,950 (P13.9 million). A fair amount over the Rapide S’s near £150k.

Surely though, a four-door, naturally aspirated V12 that looks like this is worth the outlay, no?

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