Paul Walker\'s next movie involves, well, cars

And a minivan
May 11, 2013


Fast & Furious star Paul Walker is a car guy. Not only does he do some of his own stunt-driving, he also owns an aftermarket tuning company and reportedly has \"the largest private collection of E36 M3 Lightweights\" (at least in the United States).

So, if you\'re Paul and you just wrapped up the sixth installment of the movie franchise that made you a star, what do you do? Well, for Walker\'s next movie, he jumps into a minivan and then gets chased by BMW police cars.

The movie\'s called Vehicle 19, and he plays a character who\'s trying to save his relationship with his estranged wife by following her to a foreign country. A mix-up at a car-rental company, however, sees him driving around in the wrong car with a handgun inside and a hostage in the cargo area.

With production of the seventh Fast & Furious film expected to start soon, we can only imagine that Walker is a really happy camper--or driver, for that matter.

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