Rinspeed Etos has on-board drone that allows you to take selfies while driving

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by Stephen Dobie | Dec 20, 2015

Rinspeed Etos

Autonomous driving, drones and the BMW i8 are three hot techy things of 2015. So as the year draws to a close, here's something slightly mad that combines all three. Meet the Rinspeed Etos.

Swiss tuner Rinspeed is, of course, no stranger to oddball concepts. The Etos's BMW i8 innards are probably its most sensible component, and its carbon-fiber core and 362hp gas-electric hybrid drivetrain remain intact.

While its fundamental points remain, Rinspeed has rather gone to town with its own flourishes. The door pulls and gear selector are recognizable inside, but little else: There are lots of fancy high-tech materials, while the steering wheel can be sucked from view when autonomous driving modes are activated.

When you are driving it--if it's anything like the i8, you'll actually want to, after all--the Etos does much to massage stress away. For example, a "gaze-tracking system" watches the driver's eyes and alerts him to hazards on the road ahead they've missed.

Its media and connectivity toys, meanwhile, aim to learn the needs of drivers and passengers, so it knows the destinations of your plans and your desires of the entertainment system without you having to input a thing. It watches your every move and reads all your thoughts. Be scared.

Far more whimsical is its on-board drone, complete with landing pad. A landing pad, which, in the words of Rinspeed, houses "an armada of 12,000 individually controlled LEDs," which "can transform this platform into an electronic message board or a visual dance floor."

Why a drone? The only possible way to do it justice is to quote Rinspeed directly. "The little flyer is a lot of fun when it acts like a UFO, shooting a selfie of the ride in the Etos on your local favorite route and streaming it live to friends. Heads up: That little thing has an extremely high addiction and envy factor!"

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And if you need a break from all that bewildering tech, solace comes atop the dashboard in the shape of a Carl F. Bucherer watch, which sits in a rotating housing to keep it wound up.

The Etos--drone, fancy watch and all--will make its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show show in Las Vegas in early January.

NOTE: This article originally appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.


Rinspeed Etos

Rinspeed Etos

Rinspeed Etos

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