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Top Gear Philippines

Suzuki Ciaz

As you read this, we're about to make our way to Anilao, Batangas, driving the all-new Suzuki Ciaz subcompact sedan, which is expected to do battle with the likes of the Toyota Vios, the Honda City and the Hyundai Accent. This brings to fruition what we reported to you back in December.

Now, did you ever wonder where Suzuki got the Ciaz name?

Personally, we thought the model name had come from some Spanish city or some Portuguese folk hero. So we were surprised when we found out where Suzuki had gotten the car's moniker.

According to Suzuki Philippines product development supervisor Kennedy Adia, "Ciaz" was derived from "City, from A to Z." That's like saying the Ciaz is the more complete, more extensive version of the City. (Are you paying attention, Honda?) We'll see.


Vernon B. Sarne
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