'Deadlier' road signs await jaywalkers

Start saying goodbye to those pink signs
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Feb 17, 2010

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will install new road signs to scare off jaywalkers from illegally crossing streets in accident-prone areas.

The old "Bawal Tumawid Dito Nakamamatay" sign will be replaced with one that says "Bawal Tumawid, May Namatay na Dito" to warn pedestrians that a previous accident in the area has already claimed someone's life.

"This move is aimed to curb road accidents involving pedestrians. Having read this sign should deter them from crossing wherever they want to cross," MMDA chief Oscar Inocentes said in a statement.

Jaywalkers who are not deterred by the new signs and are caught crossing on prohibited areas will be apprehended by MMDA traffic enforcers for violating the anti-jaywalking law.

Some of the new signs may already be seen on Edsa and Quezon Avenue in front of the Manila Seedling Bank and going to Monumento and Balintawak. Other accident-prone areas like Commonwealth and Marcos Highway will also have the new MMDA signs soon.

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The new MMDA signs bear the standard regulatory colors red, white, and black.

You can start saying goodbye to this:

TopGear.com.ph News on MMDA vs Jaywalkers Image from Spot.ph

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