Don Pastor launches racing school

Learn to race from the Philippine Touring Car champion
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Apr 29, 2010

With so many people asking him to teach them the secrets that made him a multi-awarded racing driver, Driver of the Year and Philippine Touring Car champion Don Pastor has decided to launch his very own racing school.

"People have been asking me to put up my own racing school three years ago, but I told them there are already schools for that," Pastor told "At first, I just taught my friends, but one time, there was this guy who approached me and asked me to teach him. So I taught him for just one weekend. He's won the time attacks he has joined since then."

"Everything spread through word of mouth because of that one guy until the time came that I couldn't handle all those who wanted me to teach them. So I tapped the friends that I taught first to help me out and that's basically how everything started," Pastor added. "And besides, I really love to drive so this became a really good way for me to make a living."

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Currently, the school is teaching the Basic and Advanced Courses for circuit racing at P5,000 and P10,000, respectively. There's also the Super Advanced Course where the driver actually gets behind the wheel of a Blanco Race Engineering-prepped Philippine Touring Car Chevrolet Cruze at P25,000. Whatever course you take, the Don Pastor Racing School promises to teach you "how to go fast...the safest way possible."

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Asked what his other plans are, Pastor said, "I'm actually planning something very big that no one else in the Philippines has ever done. I'm talking to some sponsors and things are looking pretty good."

When pressed for more details, Pastor coyly replied, "All I can say is it's the biggest thing on YouTube right now and it's been getting millions of hits."

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