DPWH commencing concrete reblocking of EDSA this weekend

Starting last Thursday night, apparently
Apr 13, 2013


The Department of Public Works and Highways has begun its concrete reblocking and repair activities on EDSA and three other national roads within Metro Manila for this weekend.

According to the agency, as of 10pm of April 11, five of its National Capital Region engineering district offices have been supervising the repair of the identified damaged segments on EDSA between the cities of Pasay and Caloocan. The DPWH hopes to reopen the repaved portions by 6am of April 15.

The repairs are being done in the following areas:

In Caloocan City:

  • The sixth lane of EDSA (southbound) from Biglang Awa Street to Mariano Street;
  • The sixth lane of EDSA(northbound) near the center island in front of Manila Central University Hospital to General Simon Street.

In Quezon City:

  • The fourth lane of EDSA (northbound) between North Avenue to Corregidor Road;
  • The fifth lane of EDSA (southbound) from Oliveros Street to Kaingin Road;
  • The second lane of Mindanao Avenue (southbound) from Road 20 to Road 8;
  • The second lane (northbound) of Quirino Highway from Mater Carmeli School to Sacred Heart Novitiate;
  • The third lane (southbound) from Regalado North Avenue to Belfast Street;
  • The third lane (westbound) of North Avenue in front of SM North EDSA (The Block);
  • The second lane of North Avenue in front of SM North EDSA Main Building, and near Trinoma Mall crossing Mindanao Avenue

In Mandaluyong City:

  • The northbound lane from Reliance Street to Libertad Street;
  • The southbound lane from Boni Avenue to Mayon Street

In Makati City:

  • The southbound portion from Guadalupe to Bernardino Street;
  • The northbound lane before Buendia Avenue to Guadalupe Street

In Pasay City:

  • The southbound lane from General Santos Street to Footbridge after Captain M. Reyes Street;
  • The northbound lane from E. Rodriguez Street to Estanislao Street

According to DPWH secretary Rogelio Singson, the needed repairs will improve the serviceability of highly traveled roads, and that "the temporary inconvenience cannot outweigh the advantage of the new concrete pavement with a longer performance period."

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