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In the world of motoring, one of the oldest questions is this: Are men better or worse drivers than women? Obviously, the answers vary depending on which gender you ask. We don't know if this will help settle the dispute, but during our recent meeting with A-1 Driving--the leading driving school network in the Philippines with 110 training centers nationwide--we were made aware of an interesting statistic. According to Aljun Garcia, A-1 Driving's assistant vice president, 61 percent of their individual students are women. That means nearly two out of three people who enroll in the popular driving school belong to the fairer sex.

Now, don't sneer at the sample size. Garcia says that for 2010, A-1 Driving had a total of 25,000 individual students, excluding the fleet clients. Sixty-one percent of that number is 15,250, the approximate tally of lady drivers who sought professional help behind the wheel just last year alone. The question is: Does this statistic help answer the question mentioned above?

The way we see it, this number could mean several things. It could mean lady drivers are poor learners so they need the formal setting that a driving school offers (whereas male drivers are able to readily learn from a friend or a relative). It could also mean lady drivers just happen to be very responsible and safety-minded. Or--quite frankly--it could just mean there are simply more women than there are men. Which is which? Answer the poll below.

What does A-1 Driving's statistic say about which gender is better at the wheel?
Women are worse drivers because they need to be taught thoroughly
Women are better drivers because they value proper training
Women have more money since driving schools are rather expensive
Women just really happen to outnumber men, period

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