Fourth Jason Bourne film to shoot in the Philippines

On Metro Manila's major streets, no less!
Dec 22, 2011

It appears that some scenes in the fourth film of the Jason Bourne franchise will be shot in the Philippines, specifically in Metro Manila.

No, didn't turn into a showbiz site overnight. It just so happens that the news was revealed by no less than Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) communications group and traffic discipline chief Yves Gonzalez.

Via his Twitter account, Gonzales said he's in a meeting discussing the traffic plans for the Metro Manila film shoot of the movie, which carries the title "The Bourne Legacy."

Gonzalez was mum about the exact location of the shoot but he did mention that one of the venues include "our very own Gotham City." In another tweet, Gonzalez said Metro Manila's major streets will be "getting some screen time."

Got ideas as to where the actual shoot will take place? 

Let's just hope that the MMDA warns motorists a few days before the shoot takes place so motorists can scout alternate routes around the metropolis--unless they do want to get stuck in traffic so they can catch a glimpse of the film's stars.

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