Geneva Motor Show preview: Gumpert Tornante

Gumpert gets another model
Feb 18, 2011 Philippine Car News - Geneva Motor Show preview: Gumpert Tornante

German supercar maker Gumpert will finally have another model in its lineup as it is set to unveil the Tornante at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Developed in collaboration with Italian coachbuilder Touring Superleggera, the Tornante is a two-seater supercar that adds elegance, space and comfort in a package rooted in motorsports and competition engineering.

The car's performance and dynamic properties generated tight constraints in its design. While special attention was given to comfort and ergonomics, the Tornante's final design made sure its aerodynamics, ground effect, engine and brakes ventilation aren't compromised, giving the car its clean, efficient and well-balanced shape.

Featuring composite body panels over a light chrome-molybdenum steel space frame and carbon-fiber monocoque, the Tornante aims for both lightness and torsional stiffness--the same principles which mirrors the original Superleggera construction method patented by the Italian coachbuilder in 1936.

The Tornante is powered by the same 4.2-liter 700hp V8 Biturbo engine used by the Apollo paired to a TT40e gearbox with paddle shift control. Keeping the Tornante firmly planted on the ground is the same built-in double-wishbone suspension from the Apollo that has been adjusted to fit the car's requirements as a fast tourer.

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According to Gumpert, an alternative powered Tornante is in the works and may be released in 2012.

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