Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Geneva Motor Show preview: Suzuki Swift S-Concept

While we're still waiting for the arrival of the all-new Suzuki Swift after its introduction in the European and Japanese markets a few months ago, Suzuki Motor has decided to tease us even further.

Giving us a glimpse of a new concept model based on the next-generation Swift, the appropriately named Swift S-Concept follows a sporty and exciting theme, which are evident through the accentuated body work design and rear roof spoiler.

According to Suzuki, the Swift S-Concept's design is in line with the company's philosophy of "delivering excitement…to create a stylish sport compact with premium performance."

We can just imagine many local aftermarket shops aping the design of the Swift S-Concept once Suzuki Philippines brings in the subcompact hatchback later this year.

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