Geneva Motor Show: Suzuki Swift S-Concept

It's one hot hatch
Mar 3, 2011
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Suzuki has given the all-new Swift a thorough makeover and called it the Swift S-Concept at the Geneva International Motor Show. By the looks of it, it could potentially be what the production Swift Sport hot hatch could look like.

According to Suzuki, the design of the Swift S-Concept is in line with the brand's philosophy of "delivering excitement." Does it meet your expectations with its aggressive looks, the bold and accentuated bodywork plus the rear roof spoiler, and rear roof spoiler?

The S-Concept is even wider than the Swift sold here by 60mm, giving it such a strong visual presence that the car hardly looks like a subcompact anymore. Eighteen-inch wheels, and high-tech accents on the headlamps, front fog lamps and rear taillights help add to the car's look of solidity and stability.

Inside, front seat occupants are cradled in Recaro Sport leather seats while the exterior's Unique Lightning Pearl Yellow paintwork is carried inside through similar-colored stitching on the seat, gear lever boot and steering wheel. Finishing off the cabin's sporty treatment are the carbon-fiber accents on parts of the center console.

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