Global study says today's traffic congestion is lighter

But traffic-induced pain is worse than ever
Sep 9, 2011

A new global study conducted by IBM has revealed that while traffic has become more bearable, its negative effects have become worse than ever.

Based on the findings of IBM's annual global Commuter Pain study, though respondents in numerous cities said that traffic has improved either "somewhat" or "substantially" in the past three years, there has also been a significant increase in the number of respondents who said that the traffic has increased their levels of personal stress and anger, and negatively affected their performance at work or in school.

Of the more than 8,000 motorists surveyed, 42 percent said their stress level had increased; 35 percent reported more anger; 16 percent each said they had respiratory problems and had less sleep; and 13 percent claimed to have been involved in some sort of traffic-related accident.

The study also showed that, if bad and protracted enough, traffic changed a motorist's behavior.

A little over one-third of respondents reported changing the way they get to work in the last year, while the remainder clung to habit. Forty-one percent of all respondents also reported that at least once in the last three years, traffic was so bad that in the middle of a journey, they just turned around and went back home. Even worse, 47 percent said that in the last month they decided to forego a planned trip due to anticipated traffic at least once. In addition, of those respondents who had cancelled a trip, 24 percent were bound for the office; 21 percent were out to go shopping; 17 percent are headed for a recreational activity; 11 percent for entertainment; and 11 for eating out.

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Has traffic on the Philippines made you angrier or more stressed? Have you cancelled one of your planned trips because of the congested roads? Let us know how traffic has affected your life in the comment box below.


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