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Sporting red license plates apparently does not deter hardcore carjackers from stealing as the recent arrest of suspected thieves led to the recovery of a stolen government vehicle.

Four suspected members of a carjacking syndicate were initially stopped at a checkpoint in Quezon City while driving a Toyota Innova that did not have license plates.

The arrested suspects were identified as Garry Ceriaco, 37, a resident of Trece Martires City; Erick Equila, 31, of San Jose, Bulacan; Reynaldo Peralta, 40, of Cubao, Quezon City; and Carlo Montalbo, 47, of Sta. Ana, Manila.

In a follow-up operation after the four suspects' arrest, authorities were led to a car repair shop in No. 1 University Valley, Old Balara, Quezon City, where the police found a Toyota Fortuner owned by a government agency.

The Fortuner's original license plate is red but it was replaced with a regular license plate that was traced back to an Isuzu Truck owned by a certain Wilson Ong.

Last week, police troops earned praises from President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, who recognized their efforts in curbing car theft. But as the crime continues to prevail in the country, how do you protect your own car from thieves?

Aris Ilagan
Motorcycle Editor
Being a veteran journalist, Aris is considered one of the "sharpest" columnists of Top Gear Philippines. Just look at him from head to toe and you'll get our point.
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