Guinness World Records recognizes Top Gear TV show

As most widely watched factual TV program in the world
Sep 10, 2012 Philippine Car News - Guinness World Record recognizes Top Gear as most widely-watched factual TV show

With the Top Gear TV show being shown in 212 territories around the world, "from Ghana to Guatemala, Moldova to Myanmar," Guinness World Record has recognized the British motoring program as "the most widely watched factual TV show in the world."

Top Gear started in 1977 as a magazine-type motoring program on BBC 2 with a variety of personalities hosting the show, like former race driver Tiff Needell and former used-car salesman Quentin Wilson. Top Gear's most popular host, Jeremy Clarkson, joined the program in 1988. Following Clarkson's departure from the show in 2000, Top Gear soldiered on until 2001--when it was finally canned.

In 2002, BBC decided to relaunch Top Gear, but instead of following its old format, BBC made it a more humorous, studio-based entertainment program with a car-centric theme. The relaunch also saw Clarkson returning to the show with Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe joining him for the first season. From the second season onward, James May replaced Dawe as the third host of the program.

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"I am very proud to be involved in such a factual program," said Clarkson as he accepted the award on behalf of the show.

For the past 10 years that the "new" Top Gear has been on air, what's your favorite episode so far?

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