Honda sells 300k hybrid units worldwide

Feb 19, 2009


Honda recently marked a milestone for selling 300,000 hybrid vehicles since 1999.

Honda’s January sales figures showed that North America is its biggest hybrid market, with almost 192,000 hybrid units of the Civic, close to 29,000 hybrid units of the Accord, and over 14,000 units of the Insight.

The Insight, which was launched in Japan in 1999, is also available in Europe. After the introduction of the Civic hybrid in Japan in 2001, it was brought to North America, Europe, and some parts of Asia. The Accord is available only in North America.

Honda is the first car manufacturer to offer three hybrid vehicles for sale at one time.

While the Toyota Prius may be the media darling of hybrid vehicles these days, Honda is optimistic about the sale of its hybrid vehicles with the unveiling of the all-new Insight outside Japan. The latest Insight will be available in Europe next month and in North America by April.

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From the first-generation’s subcompact, two-seater hatchback form, the new Insight has grown into a Five-door compact hatchback.

Aside from its hybrid system, Honda’s interior trim also works on its favor as it is simpler and more “traditional” in design compared with the NASA-like hardware of the Prius. This design brings down the Insight’s price to a more affordable level – an attractive offer in today’s economically trying times.

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To further enhance its hybrid line-up, the Honda plans to sell a sporty hybrid based on its CR-Z concept design by 2010.

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