How do you reinvent performance?

Give us an example
May 9, 2012


Guys, an awesome motoring product is hitting the Philippine market on May 28, but we can't tell you what this product is just yet. Suffice it to say it will likely change the way you use your car. In the meantime, let us invite you to focus on the phrase "Performance Reinvented."

Now, we want you to apply this phrase to the world of cars by giving us a concrete example of an actual performance automobile that was further improved upon by its maker. For instance, the Lexus LFA, in its stock form, is already a first-rate supercar. And yet Lexus came out with a "Nurburgring Package" for the LFA, giving its V10 engine an additional 10 horses and the transmission a faster shifting time. This, for us, is one clear example of performance being reinvented.

Post your own example in the comment box below. On May 25, we will pick the 10 best answers and their senders will be invited to the grand launch of the above-mentioned product on the 28th. We won't say what exactly is in store for the winners. Just know this: You will want to be among the 10 selected readers. (In case of two or more similar answers, the first one to have been posted will qualify.)

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So, again: Give us a good example of a performance car being reinvented. Have fun answering.

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