Chevrolet PH\'s 19th dealership opens in Baliuag, Bulacan

Now closer to goal of 24 dealers by year end
Aug 27, 2013


Chevrolet Philippines recently opened its 19th dealership in the country. Located in Baliuag, Bulacan, this puts Chevrolet\'s official Philippine-market distributor, The Covenant Car Company Inc., closer to its goal of wrapping up the year with a total of 24 dealerships.

\"Chevrolet Baliuag is another welcome addition to the Chevrolet family,\" said Chevrolet Philippines president and managing director Atty. Albert Arcilla. \"We believe that they will contribute significantly to our goal of sharing the Chevrolet experience to Filipino families through quality products and services.\"

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Chevrolet Baliuag is located along Doña Remedios Trinidad Highway and occupies a 1,800sqm lot. Its showroom is capable of putting six vehicles on display, while its service area has eight work bay stations.

\"Chevrolet Baliuag is a company that is built not for profit alone,\" said Chevrolet Baliuag president Josel Violago. \"It was formed with a passion for building--building hopes, dreams and opportunities for the people of Bulacan. We are hopeful that this business venture will open doors for our employees, and that together we can make a difference in the community.\"

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