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Chevrolet Sonic's sales grows by 169%

The Chevrolet Sonic achieved a 169% sales growth from January to May 2013, according to The Covenant Car Company Inc. (TCCCI), aka Chevrolet Philippines. The company has also revealed that demand for the American carmaker's products has been increasing, and more investors have contributed to the expansion of its dealership network in the country. TCCCI is expecting to close the year with 23 operating dealerships.

"The year 2013 has been very good for Chevrolet," says TCCCI president Albert Arcilla. "We successfully launched in late 2012 three new products that are warmly accepted by the Filipino market. The Colorado and the Trailblazer flexed their muscles earlier on and generated overwhelming sales from the day they were launched. They have continuously sustained their robust sales performance."

As for the subcompact Sonic, Arcilla shares: "The Sonic slowly but surely made its way to the hearts of the subcompact car buyers. April and May were the breakout months for the Sonic as its sales more than doubled. We are truly grateful to those who are continuously patronizing our brand."

With the Sonic's impressive sales growth, a campaign that carries the tagline "Game On" has been launched. Aligned with the campaign, Chevrolet developed a Facebook app dedicated to the theme. Chevrolet Philippines' Facebook page contains campaign-related photos, videos and topics. Prizes are also in store for those who will participate in posted trivia games. The campaign aims "to promote the 'Game On' attitude and solidify the Chevrolet Sonic as the vehicle that embodies the said characteristic."

For more details, log on to or like Chevrolet Philippines' Facebook page.

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