Does this Punto sighting prove Fiat is arriving in our market soon?

What do you think?
by Vernon B. Sarne | Nov 18, 2013


Since late 2010, we\'ve been wondering if Fiat is coming to our market via CATS Motors. Early this year, we came out with a short piece revealing why the local distributor couldn\'t bring in the Italian car brand just yet. The unofficial reason given to us at the time was: \"Fiat\'s regional office doesn\'t want it to just be another brand sharing floor space with other car makes at CATS Motors\' newly refurbished building in Greenhills EDSA.\" We took it to mean that Fiat was demanding its own separate showroom--understandable since it would be difficult to stand out in an establishment that also sells Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Harley-Davidson.

Today, however, we received the above photo from reader Rico Soriano, with the following message: \"Is Fiat on its way to our  market? I saw two test units of the Punto yesterday on EDSA. The other unit was behind me, so I wasn\'t able to take a picture.\"

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Now, one unit could simply be a car bought from the gray market, but two new ones (still without license plates) traveling together? Looks like Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino is indeed on its way.

To be sure, we asked Grace Enriquez, our media contact at CATS Motors, and she said: \"I honestly don\'t know. They don\'t disclose any info about anything I\'m not directly concerned with. And even if I ask and they do tell me, I won\'t be allowed to divulge.\"

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What do you think? Is this sighting of two Fiat Puntos proof that the Italian carmaker\'s arrival is just around the corner?

UPDATE: CATS Motors sales and marketing vice president Bobby Shaw has sent us a message: \"We are still in discussions with Fiat regarding how to make the business case work. There\'s nothing definite yet.\"

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