Electric vehicle alliance group to hold 3rd PH EV summit in November

Working to make EVs more mainstream
Sep 12, 2013


It really looks like the Philippines is slowly but surely getting ready to play host to electric vehicles. A group called the Electric Vehicle Alliance (EVA) is set to stage the third \"Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit\" on November 28-29 at the Meralco Multipurpose Hall inside the Meralco Compound on Ortigas Avenue in Pasig City.

EVA is made up of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP), Meralco, Clean Air Initiative Asia, and the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities. The theme for this year\'s EV summit is \"Mainstreaming the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem.\"

\"We will be bringing together the top EV players in the country--such as assemblers, importers, suppliers, distributors and enthusiasts--with those of other countries in the region,\" said EVAP president Rommel Juan in a statement sent to TopGear.com.ph. \"Hopefully, we can learn from their best practices--and they from us--regarding how to build the necessary ecosystem for electric vehicles to thrive and be sustainable. There have been so many developments in the EV industry on both the domestic and international fronts lately. So many players have come and gone. And some are still just coming in, which is why we want everyone to be successful in their respective implementations.\"

According to Juan, analysts predict that by 2020, \"about 15% of vehicles sold worldwide will be electric vehicles.\"

The 2013 Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit will feature the most active local EV manufacturers, importers, suppliers, operators and dealers. The event will also discuss the most pertinent EV issues, hence the expected attendance of representatives from the government sector and academe.

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Philippine Utility Vehicle Inc., a pioneer in local EV manufacturing and assembly, will also display its newest models of e-trikes and e-jeepneys. Incidentally, the company, which \"recently secured its pioneering status registration from the BOI, allowing it to have a package of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives,\" has announced that it will \"soon get into mainstream local mass production and assembly of EVs in the country with a new plant in Cavite,\" shared Juan.

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