Even the Chevrolet Colorado is offered with discount this month

Promo a little more than a week to go
Sep 20, 2013


You will note that Chevrolet Philippines announced a sales promo for the month of September in which the Captiva, the Orlando, the Cruze and the Sonic are all being offered with huge discounts. Turns out there\'s a fifth Chevy model that\'s being sold at a discount this month.

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Apparently, the Colorado pickup also has a sales promo for September. According to an e-mail from Chevrolet distributor The Covenant Car Company Inc.--which got buried beneath so many other messages in our inbox, and for this we apologize--all variants of the Colorado are available at P20,000 off just for this month. That means you still have a little over a week to get one if you\'re considering the American pickup.

If we\'re not mistaken, the Colorado is available in three variants: the Colorado 2.8L 4x4 LTZ automatic, the Colorado 2.8L 4x4 LTZ manual, and the Colorado 2.5L 4x2 LT manual. Go check them out today.

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