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Honda Cars Alabang, Global City open Accessory Corner

This Christmas season, share the holiday cheers with your Honda car. Do so by dropping by the newest Honda Accessory Corner business units at Honda Cars Alabang and Honda Cars Global City.

Authorized Honda dealerships all sell Modulo and Mugen accessories, but only dealerships with Accessory Corner business units get to showcase the latest accessories. These dealerships also offer premium merchandise from the Asimo, Honda, Modulo and Mugen collections.

Drool over the available Modulo and Mugen accessory packages for various Honda models. Note that some vehicle models come with factory-installed accessories:

* City 1.5 VX Mugen;
* City 1.5 VX Modulo Aero Sports;
* City 1.5 E Navi+ Modulo Utility;
* City 1.5 E Modulo Utility;
* Civic 1.8 E Modulo;
* Civic 2.0 EL Mugen;
* Jazz Mugen Limited Edition;
* CR-Z Modulo; and
* CR-Z Mugen.

For regular models outside of these, their new owners can make them look more special by adding official Honda accessories. Enjoy shopping!


Honda Cars Alabang, Global City open Accessory Corner

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