Koenigsegg launches own certified pre-owned program

As brand marks 10th production anniversary
Oct 2, 2013


If you find the price of a brand-new Koenigsegg prohibitive, then you\'ll be pleased with the news that the Swedish supercarmaker has launched its \"pre-owned certification program.\" (Not that we have this brand in the Philippines, but in case you\'re reading this from a place where Koenigsegg is available, this should be useful information.)

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Coinciding with Koenigsegg\'s 10th production anniversary this year, the program was brought to the market to facilitate a healthy secondhand market for the company\'s vehicles, and give buyers of pre-owned cars \"peace of mind to enjoy their car to its fullest.\"

For a Koenigsegg vehicle to be eligible for the program, it first needs to undergo an arduous inspection process as well as be updated and refurbished based on the criteria set by the carmaker, which claims that all the pre-owned cars sold by its dealers \"are in top condition with all factory upgrades performed.\"

All Koenigsegg units that pass through its pre-owned certification program and sold by official dealers come with a two-year warranty and free servicing.

Not a bad deal for a car that costs at least $1.4 million.

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