Mike Coyiuto, industry executive and Top Gear PH ally, passes away

Former head of PGA Cars
Nov 7, 2013


Miguel \"Mike\" Coyiuto (top photo, left), former head of Porsche distributor PGA Cars, passed away last night, reportedly after playing a game of basketball. The younger brother of PGA Cars owner Robert Coyiuto Jr., Mike was president of Hyundai North EDSA at the time of his death.

We would like to condole with Mike\'s family in this most unfortunate development. Mike was close to Top Gear Philippines. In fact, we used to get PGA Cars\' sales figures directly from him, even as the company is known to be a little secretive when it comes to these figures.

The executive attended our 9th anniversary party last October 21. The photos you see here were taken from said event. We last communicated with Mike a few days later when he invited us to the opening of a motorcycle dealership partly owned by his family.

We\'re taking this time to remember a cool industry boss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.

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