The Shell Energy Lab will school you in the science of energy

Admission is free at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Feb 8, 2014 Philippine Car News - Shell Energy Lab schools you on the science of energy

The 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia isn't just about racing or determining which car can run the farthest on just one liter of fuel. For the first time ever, Shell is bringing its Energy Lab not only to the country but also to the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia.

"The Shell Energy Lab highlights our commitment to educating the younger generations on the importance of sustainability and innovation for the future of energy, technology and mobility," said Shell Philippines vice president for communications Robert Kanapi. "The interactive experiences in The Lab are fun yet informative, which Shell hopes will further inspire youngsters to continue learning about these fascinating topics."

The Shell Energy Lab was one of the first structures to be put up for this year's Eco-Marathon, and had reportedly been seen by 10,000 student visitors for their respective field trips as of February 6, a day before the Eco-Marathon race actually began.

A visit to the exhibit starts with The World Now And In 2050 film viewing, which sets the tone for the interactive activities in the venue, highlighting the rising demand for energy, water and food to feed the Earth's population by 2050.

Visitors are then taught what energy is like through various interactive quizzes and activities that let them create energy themselves. These include an energy-producing dance floor, which converts human kinetic energy to electrical energy, and giant zorbs they run inside of (like hamsters) to show how much energy is needed to power their daily lives.

After walking through the exhibit, visitors answer the question "What will your world look like in 2050?" by controlling the flow of resources and energy in their own virtual world, with their choices resulting in infographics that depict what their world would look like in 2050.

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Finally, an expansive area allows visitors to create and customize their own mini eco-marathon car, which will be given to them during registration. Each vehicle is designed to run on salt water on a special racetrack to encourage a fun and friendly competition among participants.

So, if you'd like to learn more about the science of energy, do drop by the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila until tomorrow, February 9. Best of all: Admission is free.

Photos by Mark Jesalva

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