Top Gear Philippines car sales report for August 2013

Combined CAMPI and AVID numbers
Sep 26, 2013

Below are the industry-wide sales numbers for August 2013, compiled from the reports of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors. A few notes on the report:

* Last month was the dreaded \"ghost month,\" a period when some Chinese traditionally refrain from making a major purchase as this is considered bad luck. This didn\'t seem to be a significant factor around the industry as most brands enjoyed an increase in sales from the same month last year, with the notable exception of UMC (Nissan), Kia, CATS Motors (combined Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep) and Volvo;

* Toyota Motor Philippines continued to exceed the 6,000-unit mark. That is, if you will factor in the tally of Lexus. For the purposes of brand separation, we deducted Lexus\'s sales total from Toyota\'s, as we do every month;

* Mitsubishi seems firmly entrenched in second spot with 28,115 sold units year-to-date, as does Hyundai in third place with 14,713 units. Barring any major (more like miraculous) shake-up, the current top three brands are likely to preserve their respective rankings through the rest of the year;

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* It also looks like Ford will finish the year in the top five, although Isuzu could still mount a huge rally with the arrival of the second-generation D-Max;

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* Kia is once again gaining on UMC and seems poised to take back the seventh slot which it owned last year;

* Mazda has overtaken Nissan Motor Philippines, an impressive achievement by the brand\'s new distributor, Berjaya Auto Philippines;

* BMW continues to lead in the premium segment. Lexus, meanwhile, matched the German brand\'s August output of 35 units to leapfrog Mercedes-Benz, which only managed 15 units;

* On a lighter note, Subaru seems to have a lucky streak this year. The brand now has a year-to-date tally of 1,888 units after eight months. Chevrolet Philippines would give anything to have these digits;

* As usual, Peugeot still doesn\'t report its sales, and PGA Cars still doesn\'t break down its sales total (hence the asterisk).

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