Top Gear Philippines car sales report for December 2013

Combined CAMPI and AVID numbers
Jan 15, 2014

Below are the industry-wide sales numbers for December 2013, compiled from the reports of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors. A few notes on the report:

* As confidently projected by Toyota Motor Philippines president Michinobu Sugata, his company would hit 75,000 units for 2013. The Toyota brand did sell a total of 75,161--or 75,587 if you include units sold by Lexus Manila. That\'s quite an increase from last year\'s combined total of 65,396;

* Mitsubishi sold 4,322 units in December, up from 3,364 in the same month the previous year. This contributed to the company\'s total of 43,176 for the year, now the company\'s all-time record, erasing the previous mark of 36,533 set in 1996;

* Hyundai sold a total of 22,033 units for the year, a very slight improvement from 2012\'s 21,996. Compared to the previous year, the carmaker sold more passenger cars but fewer light commercial vehicles in 2013;

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* Honda managed to retain its fourth overall ranking from 2012--but just barely (Ford almost overtook the Japanese brand). Honda had 13,356 for the year, while Ford had 13,286 (significantly up from 2012\'s 9,402 units);

* Isuzu officially surrendered its fifth slot to Ford, moving 11,793 units in spite of a limited product line. That\'s virtually the same as the company\'s 2012 numbers, which stood at 11,759;

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* Nissan operations in the Philippines will be handled by the brand\'s head office in Japan beginning March this year. For their farewell effort, both UMC and NMPI improved upon their 2012 numbers: UMC sold 5,997 (4,959 in 2012) and NMPI did 1,896 (1,445 in 2012);

* Eighth-placed Kia (seventh in 2012) sold just 5,950 units, definitely fewer than the 7,527 units it moved in 2012;

* Chevrolet, Subaru and Mazda all enjoyed a successful year in 2013. Chevrolet sold 5,058 units, up from 3,328 in 2012; Subaru sold 2,938 units, up from 1,752; and Mazda sold 2,406 units, up from 1,500;

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* Suzuki also increased its sales volume, from 4,501 in 2012 to 4,978 last year;

* The premium brands were led by BMW, which sold 653 units, just 20 fewer than its 2012 digits;

* Lexus replaced Mercedes-Benz as the second-best-selling premium brand in the Philippine market, moving 426 units to its rival\'s 401. Lexus improved upon its 2012 tally of 370 units, while Mercedes-Benz declined from its 2012 total of 453 units;

* Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep also suffered a dip from 348 units in 2012 to 322 units last year;

* Volvo went down from 212 units in 2012 to 120 last year, while Mini stayed put at 168 after selling 166 in 2012.



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