Top Gear Philippines car sales report for November 2013

Combined CAMPI and AVID numbers
Dec 17, 2013

Below are the industry-wide sales numbers for November 2013, compiled from the reports of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors. A few notes on the report:

* Toyota is less than 7,000 units away from fulfilling its president\'s 2013 forecast of 75,000 sold units;

* Mitsubishi had a slight dip compared to November last year, when it sold 3,840 units;

* Hyundai is slightly behind its year-to-date (January to November) figure in 2012 (20,491);

* What\'s happening to Honda? Its November sales total was way below last year\'s (1,018). As a result, Ford is now nipping at its heels, collecting 12,063 for the year versus Honda\'s 12,122;

* Isuzu also had a small decrease from November 2012 (1,121) in spite of the recently launched new D-Max;

* And what\'s happening to Kia? The Korean carmaker dipped from the 523 units it moved in the same month last year, allowing UMC (Nissan) to retake the seventh spot with 531 units in November;

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* Suzuki had a healthy increase from 306 units in November last year, probably due to a couple of new passenger cars it quietly launched earlier this year;

* Chevrolet looks to wrap up a strong year, selling a lot more than November last year (454 versus 333) and improving its year-to-date total compared to the same period last year (2,985);

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* Subaru is also up significantly from its November and year-to-date numbers last year (172 and 1,576, respectively);

* It seems 200-250 units is the ideal monthly volume for Mazda this year. After selling 207 in August, 213 in September and 249 in October, the rebuilding Japanese brand moved 256 units in November;

* NMPI (Nissan) continues to underwhelm, although its November and year-to-date figures are up from last year (110 and 1,335, respectively). With the newly established Nissan Philippines Inc. expected to formally launch early next year, things can only look up for the struggling Japanese carmaker;

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* It appears BMW will again finish the year as the leading brand in the premium segment, but now followed by Lexus in second and Mercedes-Benz sliding down to third;

* Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, Mini and Volvo round off our list, still maintaining their respective slots at the bottom.



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