Top Gear Philippines car sales report for October 2013

Combined CAMPI and AVID numbers
Nov 26, 2013

Below are the industry-wide sales numbers for October 2013, compiled from the reports of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors. A few notes on the report:

* With two months still unaccounted for, Toyota is on track to hit its president\'s forecast of 75,000 units for the year;

* Mitsubishi had a very impressive growth in October, selling 3,930 units compared to just 2,800 in the same month last year;

* Hyundai sold more passenger cars in October compared to the same month last year (1,109 versus 941), but also fewer light commercial vehicles (576 versus 721);

* Honda dipped from 1,110 total units in October last year to 921 last month;

* Ford maintained its strong showing for October (1,286 this year versus 1,248 in 2012). As a result, it is now already threatening to take the overall fourth spot from Honda;

* Isuzu only launched the new D-Max in the third week of September, but it has already had a huge impact on Isuzu\'s numbers this early. The popular pickup sold 339 units in October, helping Isuzu move a total of 1,122 units compared to 1,033 in the same month last year;

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* Kia seems to continue having supply problems as it sold fewer units last month (502) compared to last year (603);

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* Universal Motors Corporation (Nissan), meanwhile, continues to register small growth (482 versus 474 last year) in spite of the imminent takeover of Nissan Motor Company of the Japanese brand in the Philippine market;

* Suzuki likewise had a slight improvement, from 363 in October last year to 425 last month;

* Chevrolet is also doing well, with year-to-date sales of 3,970 units compared to 2,652 during the same period last year. Largely responsible for this are its light commercial vehicles, which sold 443 units in October versus 199 in the same month last year;

* Subaru has been enjoying growths in both passenger-car and commercial-vehicle sales. Its current year-to-date sales of 2,373 is significantly better than last year\'s 1,404;

* Mazda has now sold a total of 1,861 units this year after managing 249 in October;

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* Nissan Motor Philippines still languishes at the bottom among mass-market brands, selling just 130 units last month (but still better than just 100 units in October last year);

* BMW did a whopping 70 units in October to extend its lead over the competition;

* Lexus also sold a lot of units (54 cars, to be exact) last month to give itself some breathing room versus Mercedes-Benz;

* Speaking of which, Mercedes-Benz moved a paltry 17 units last month;

* For a change, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep outsold its CATS Motors affiliate by selling 26 units in October;

* Mini and Volvo round out the list with 14 and 10 units, respectively.



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