Top Gear Philippines car sales report for September 2013

Combined CAMPI and AVID numbers
Oct 17, 2013

Below are the industry-wide sales numbers for September 2013, compiled from the reports of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors. A few notes on the report:

* The top two brands did very well last month. Toyota sold 6,633 units (including Lexus) compared to 5,786 units in September 2012. Mitsubishi, meanwhile, did 3,191 units in September versus 2,150 units in the same month last year;

* Third-placer Hyundai sold a little more units at 1,507 compared to 1,421 last year;

* Honda dipped to 885 units from 1,116 last year;

* Ford continued to score big, selling 1,231 units last month versus 969 last year, bringing its year-to-date total to 9,591 units versus just 5,631 in the same period last year (a whopping 70% jump);

* Isuzu is more or less steady with 953 units last month versus 983 units in September 2012;

* Kia took back seventh place from UMC (Nissan), selling 503 units last month compared to the latter\'s 448;

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* It was a neck-and-neck battle between Suzuki and Chevrolet, the two brands selling 373 and 379 units, respectively, in September. The two are also fighting for the overall ninth spot;

* Subaru is another success story this year. The brand sold 210 units last month versus 146 in September 2012. The brand\'s year-to-date tally is now at 2,098, compared to last year\'s 1,234;

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* Mazda sustained its comeback, moving 213 units in September versus 113 last year;

* NMPI (Nissan), meanwhile, fared better with 125 units, compared to 92 last year;

* BMW is still the leading premium brand overall with 461 year-to-date sales, although Mercedes-Benz outsold it in September, 51 to 38;

* Lexus sold 36 units last month, and had to adjust its year-to-date tally (307) by one more unit;

* Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep sold a total of 25 units in September, continuing to underperform especially when compared to affiliate brand Mercedes-Benz;

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* Mini seems to be doing fine, selling 20 units last month versus 13 a year ago;

* Lastly, Volvo sold seven units, bringing its year-to-date total to 93.



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