Is the Mitsubishi Colt coming to the Philippines?

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by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Jan 17, 2011
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - The case of the Mitsubishi Colt

Judging by the type of cars you can often see on the road, it's a given that sport-utility vehicles are passé and small, economical hatchbacks are what's hot these days. They're so hot many local carmakers and distributors have started bringing in their own versions of these cars.

Quite conspicuously, though, one local car brand that has yet to introduce one such vehicle is Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation. That's why when rumor broke out on Facebook that Mitsubishi will bring in the 1.3-liter Colt five-door hatchback soon, many people voiced their eagerness for the car's arrival to our shores.

But is a Facebook item really that reliable? Apparently not--at least not all the time.

The rumor was shot down by no less than Mitsubishi Philippines' assistant manager for advertising and promotions, Arlan Reyes. He added that the source of the rumor, a sales representative from one of Mitsubishi Philippines' Metro Manila dealers, is currently under investigation.

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Sad news for those who have been wanting to own and drive the Colt hatchback but with the price of petrol now breaching the P50 mark, it does seem like a good idea for a carmaker to bring in a fuel-efficient subcompact hatchback.

Do you think Mitsubishi Philippines would do well to heed the call and bring in the Colt for real?

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