Isuzu PH not worried about shift to Euro 4 emissions standard by 2016

Singles out jeepneys as top violators
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Mar 13, 2013
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Isuzu PH not worried over transition to Euro 4 by 2016

Isuzu Philippines Corporation isn't fazed by the country's transition to Euro IV emissions standard by 2016 as the Japanese carmaker believes its products can weather the change.

"We're not worried about the change to Euro IV because we know our vehicles can handle it," IPC senior vice president Art Balmadrid told "What I'd like is for the government to have the oil companies sell Euro IV fuels by 2015, a year before its implementation. That way, everyone will have had a year to prepare by the time Euro IV takes effect in 2016."

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Balmadrid also argued that the government is going the wrong way with the Euro IV implementation since it basically passes on the burden to new-car buyers while leaving the chief violators of emissions standards--the jeepneys--untouched.

"When cars become Euro IV-compliant, they'll become even more expensive since assemblers have to install more complicated equipment in them, like catalytic converters and other necessary parts," shared Balmadrid. "And yet jeepneys, which have what can be called Euro Zero engines, are still allowed to operate when they are the number one pollutants on the road."

Wait...we won't be Euro IV until 2016? Fantastic. No wonder we're now practically inhaling soot.

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