Isuzu Philippines gets new president

New president advised to keep smiling

Japanese carmaker Isuzu Motors has appointed Ryoji Yamazaki as new Isuzu Philippines Corp. president as outgoing top executive Keiji Takeda takes on a new assignment.

Yamazaki, who was in charge of the Philippine market when he was still with Isuzu Motor's international sales division, said he aims to sustain and even surpass the achievements of the Japanese brand in the country.

"I believe that my vast experience in supervising Isuzu's operations in various international markets will go a long way in enabling me to lead IPC (Isuzu Philippines) to new heights," Yamazaki said. "I acknowledge the impressive achievements that my predecessor has accomplished and I pledge that I will continue the good work he has done in maintaining Isuzu's leadership in this market when it comes to diesel engine technology."

Isuzu Philippines takes pride in a more streamlined operation over the past three years, allowing the company to be more productive even without having an all-new vehicle to introduce in the local market.(Click this link to see Isuzu's vehicle lineup in the Philippines.)

Under Takeda, Isuzu Philippines rolled its 100,000th unit out of its Laguna assembly plant and achieved its 100,000th retail sale. Both milestones were reached in 2007.

"I would like to believe that I was able to steer IPC in the right direction during a critical time for the whole industry," Takeda said. "We continued to hold a strong position in the market despite the fact that there was a remarkable increase in the number of players. I will always hope for our economy and auto industry to grow."


Takeda is moving to Isuzu Motors as the associate division executive of the international division in charge of China, Taiwan and ASEAN.

When asked if he had an advice for Yamazaki, Takeda said he'll tell him to, "keep smiling."

"Filipinos are very friendly people and they always have a ready smile for everyone so I'll tell him to always give a smile to everyone as well," Takeda said.

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