Isuzu Philippines marks anniversary with reforestation program

Reforestation aims at restoring one million hectares of the country's rainforests
Sep 9, 2009
Isuzu Philippines Anniversary Reforestation Program Top Gear Philippines AUTO NEWS

Isuzu Philippines celebrated its 12th anniversary with a reforestation campaign targeted at restoring one million hectares of the country's rainforests by 2020.

Isuzu's Road to 2020 campaign is a project with Haribon Foundation, an advocate of the environment, and the National Power Corp., which is in charge of the Caliraya-Lumot Watershed.

The team represented by the private sector, the government, and the non-government group aims to "recover and conserve biodiversity, optimize forest benefits and ecosystem services, reduce risks of natural hazards, and enhance options for sustainable livelihood."

"All of us-whether we're in the business, private or non-government sector-need to act now if we are to save our planet and its natural resources," Isuzu Philippines president Keiji Takeda said.

Isuzu Philippines and Haribon initially planted 3,000 seedlings in Caliraya. Next month, the group will plant 2,000 seedlings in Cebu and Surigao.

Twelve native tree species representing Isuzu Philippines' 12 years in the country will be planted for the project. The list includes narra, kamagong, and yakal.
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