Kia Quoris flagship sedan to be equipped with high-tech features

But would it make its way here?
Jul 27, 2012
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Kia K9 flagship sedan to bear 'Quoris' name in export markets

Kia's flagship sedan may be named the K9 in its home market of Korea, but when it goes on sale overseas from the fourth quarter of 2012 onward, it will be known as the Quoris and will feature "a host of high-tech comfort and safety features," many of which have never been seen before on a Kia.

"Derived from the English words 'core' and 'quality', the name of our new flagship sedan hints at the attributes at the very heart of the vehicle,” said Thomas Oh, Kia's executive vice president and chief operating officer of its international business division. "The word 'Quoris' conveys solidity, luxury and technology, all resonating together as a chorus. Our decision to give this striking new sedan an unconventional name means it will stand out even further from the established crowd, driving Kia sales in what is a new segment of the global automotive market for Kia."

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The Quoris features an array of high-tech driving assistance and active-safety features. These include Kia's first radar-based, advanced smart cruise control system that constantly monitors traffic conditions and speed to maintain a predetermined safe distance from the vehicle ahead. The system also allows the Quoris to come to a full stop automatically, if necessary. When the stop is less than three seconds, the Quoris automatically moves forward, resuming the journey. For a stop longer than three seconds, the driver has to manually restart the vehicle either by pressing the accelerator or by pushing the resume button.

The Quoris also has an advanced vehicle safety management system that integrates the control of various vehicle monitoring systems like the electronic stability control, seatbelt mechanisms, and multiple warning systems. When it detects the risk of collision, the system warns the driver in three stages: giving a visual warning appearing on the LCD cluster and heads-up display (HUD); automatically applying the brakes to reduce the speed of impact; and activating the electric motor and pre-tensioner of the Pre-Safe Belt system to retract the seatbelts and hold the occupants closer to their seats.

Another safety feature of the Quoris is the blind spot detection system that can alert the driver to objects up to 70m away from the car's rear and 4m from each side. This system works in tandem with the lane-change assistance system by illuminating a warning triangle graphic in the left or right door mirror glass and activating a warning signal on the HUD. If the driver does not react to this visual alert, an audible warning is also sounded.

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Other safety features that are offered on the Quoris are the lane-departure warning system, which monitors the car's position in relation to lane markings and triggers a warning in case of unintended lane departures; and the around-view monitor system, which provides maximum convenience and safety during parking and low-speed maneuvering.

Do you think Columbian Autocars Corporation, the authorized distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, could bring in the Quoris to do battle with the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW?

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