Liqui Moly makes aggressive push into local market

The motor oil market is becoming really competitive Philippine Car News - Liqui Moly makes aggressive push into local market

German brand Liqui Moly is making an aggressive push into the Philippine automotive aftermarket industry by bringing in its core products of motor oils, additives and lubricants, as well as its line of vehicle care and service products.

Liqui Moly prides itself in being one of the few full-range retailers in the auto industry. To ensure that all its products pass through consistent quality control, everything is made in a single plant in Germany.

"Other companies have manufacturing plants all over the world and this is good in keeping the price of their products low," said Liqui Moly's export area manager, Roland Braun. "With Liqui Moly, by concentrating our production in a single plant, we can closely monitor the manufacturing process of each product and make sure that what we are offering our customers is consistently high in quality."

What also sets Liqui Moly apart from its competitors is that the company's experts can easily be reached by their customers.

"Unlike other companies, we don't keep secrets from our customers. And they can easily reach us by sending us an e-mail through our website at While other companies will have someone else answer their e-mails for them, Liqui Moly engineers like myself are the ones who reply to our customers' queries," added Steffen Niemietz, a technical application engineer with Liqui Moly's research and development department.

Niemietz joked that because of the eight hour time difference between Germany and the Philippines, it may take a day for them to reply.

Liqui Moly is introducing the following range of oils in the Philippine market:

  • Longtime High Tech SAE 5W-30 - an all-around motor oil that provides exceptional engine protection for longer oil change intervals up to 40,000-km;
  • TopTec 4100 SAE 5W-40 - a high-quality motor oil designed for gasoline, diesel and CNG/LPG vehicles, allowing for oil change intervals of up to 30,000-km;
  • MoS2-Low Friction SAE 10W-40 - a semi-synthetic oil especially suitable for long-interval oil change and extreme running conditions;
  • Super Low-Friction SAE 10W-40 -  a synthetic oil with beneficial effects on sealing materials and excellent for use with vehicles whose mileages have exceeded 60,000-km, and;
  • Synthoil Race Tech GT1 SAE 10W-60 – a fully-synthetic high-performance motor oil designed for extreme engine requirements and racing.

Liqui Moly also has additives that help protect and clean the engine, car care products that help preserve the vehicle's value, and service products that are used in vehicle repairs.

European Advanced Technik Corporation (EATC) is the exclusive Philippine distributor of Liqui Moly's products. It is also the distributor of Varta automotive batteries which, like Liqui Moly, is another renowned German automotive brand.


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