Local assembler launches electric jeepney

Proudly Philippine-made

Black smoke coming out of a jeepney's tailpipe may soon be a thing of the past.

Philippine Utility Vehicles, Inc. (PhUV) launched an electric version of the jeepney - a colorful icon of local public transportation - that promises a smoke-free ride. The project is in partnership with the Green Renewable Independent Power Producer.

The E Jeepney is a 14-seater vehicle that runs on four-speed manual transmission.

It is currently available in 5kw variant, while 7.5kw variant is being developed.

The 5kw variant runs on 72V batteries which, if charged overnight, can go for 65 kilometers or eight hours.

The EJeep can run a maximum speed of 40kph.

Other vehicle specs like the passenger capacity and seating positions may be made according to buyer's preference.

"We are very proud to help the environment through our expertise in vehicle parts manufacturing and vehicle assembly, PhUV director Rommel Juan said. Juan is likewise the general manager of MDJuan Enterprises, the exclusive assembler of the E Jeepney.

The Land Transportation Office recognizes the road worthiness of the E Jeepney and even grants it normal registration, similar to that given to brand new vehicles.

It is initially introduced to private companies needing a shuttle service like resorts and golf clubs.

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