Maserati sheds light on upcoming three new models

Including a sport-utility vehicle
Oct 1, 2012
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Maserati shares names of its future models

Maserati has revealed the three new models that will give the Italian carmaker "a completely new scope to 50,000 units per year by 2015."

The first is the all-new Quattroporte, Maserati's full-size luxury sedan and, according to the carmaker, the model that established the luxury sports saloon category with the introduction of the first-generation model in 1963.

Another model that's due in three years' time is the Ghibli. Though the previous models were two-door coupes, the all-new Ghibli will be another four-door sedan. No one knows for now if it'll slot above or below the Quattroporte.

Lastly, Maserati's Kubang sport-utility vehicle will go by a different name when it goes on sale in 2014. It will be called the Levante, after a place in Bologna, Italy, where the Maserati brothers first dreamt of establishing the car company that still bears their name.

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