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Acting in good faith, the town mayor of Pandi in Bulacan voluntarily surrendered a sport-utility vehicle he recently bought after finding out its documents were falsified.

According to reports from the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG), Mayor Rico Roque immediately surrendered a Kia Sorento with license plate number NOE-396 when he realized the vehicle was stolen and its documents are fake.

PNP-HPG reports said that Mayor Roque bought the vehicle from a certain Erlinda Calma for P700,000.

The vehicle's original owner was identified through Land Transportation Office records as Mary Rose Señarosa. The Sorento’s certificate of registration and original receipt of registration were also falsified.

The Sorento was picked up from Mayor Roque by joint elements of the PNP-HPG Task Force Limbas and Caloocan City Police Anti-Carnapping Unit.

After Mayor Roque surrendered the stolen Sorento, police authorities filed estafa charges against Erlinda and Manuel Calma for their involvement in the sale of a stolen vehicle.

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