MMDA opens 33 new Christmas Lanes

Giving us 45 lanes to ease the season's traffic rush
Dec 8, 2011

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is once again getting ready for the traffic that comes with the Christmas holiday rush. The agency has added 33 alternative routes totaling 48 kilometers to the Christmas Lanes, which it introduced in 2010.

"These new Christmas Lanes are now open and we are calling on our private motorists to use these alternate roads. This is for their own convenience," said MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino.

Among the new Christmas Lanes are routes to popular shopping destinations like Divisoria, Baclaran, Greenhills and Carriedo. To decongest traffic at the Araneta Avenue and Quezon Boulevard intersection where the construction of an underpass is currently ongoing, the MMDA will close the Del Monte and West Riverside intersection to maintain a smooth and continuous traffic flow. 

To cover the subject areas, the new Christmas Lanes have been divided into four groups, with each group of traffic enforcers assigned to a specific area to assist motorists and ensure unimpeded traffic flow. As an additional measure, the MMDA will also enforce a "No Parking" rule on the streets that have been designated as part of the Christmas Lanes.

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The new routes bring the total numbers of Christmas Lanes to 45 this year for a total of 205 kilometers, a significant increase from last year's 157 kilometer-long 12 lanes.

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