MMDA proposes new bus-stop scheme for EDSA

A real solution or a rehash of an old scheme?
Sep 26, 2012

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has reportedly consulted with bus operators for a new bus-stop scheme to ease the traffic congestion on EDSA.

"Currently, we have two types of city buses on EDSA: A for Alabang routes and B for Baclaran routes," said MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino. "Both types can load and unload passengers at all stops on EDSA. We are proposing to designate every other stop as either A only or B only."

According to the MMDA, with this bus-stop segregation scheme, not only will bus congestion in the yellow lane be reduced, but accidents will be minimized as well.

"There won't be a reason for all buses to fight over one bus stop anymore," Tolentino added. "Plus, it will decrease travel time for our commuters."

For those who will be traveling short distances, the MMDA will designate a certain percentage from each bus-fleet operator as "all-stop" buses that can load and unload its passengers at every bus stop.

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What do you think of this scheme? Do you think this will work, or does it sound like an old, often-resuscitated scheme that has never been strictly enforced?

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