MMDA rolls out Mobile Metrobase

Just in time for the Holy Week rush
Apr 4, 2012


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has rolled out its Mobile Metrobase, a mobile command and communications van that is \"capable of reaching far-flung areas in Metro Manila and providing real-time traffic surveillance footages.\"

\"This is a high-tech, highly-mobile command and communications center that can be deployed anywhere, 24/7 for traffic and disaster monitoring operations. This will be our eyes and ears in areas our CCTVs (closed circuit television cameras) and personnel cannot immediately reach,\" MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino said in a statement. 

The Mobile Metrobase will transmit information to the MMDA\'s command center in Guadalupe, Makati City. For the expected Holy Week traffic, the van will be deployed at Metro Manila\'s exit points to monitor traffic to the provinces. 

The Mobile Metrobase is a Hyundai Starex van that has been converted and equipped with four CCTV monitors inside. It also has a high-resolution camera on its roof to record and relay videos to the command center. Running the vehicle are three operators who are in constant communication with the main command center and the agency\'s Flood Control Information Center. With a broadcasting range of seven kilometers from the nearest MMDA base station, the Mobile Metrobase effectively extends the reach of the agency\'s 55 CCTVs that are currently in operation. 

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Besides being used to monitor traffic, Tolentino said the Mobile Metrobase can also be used for emergency and security surveillance operations.

\"The Mobile Metrobase will serve as our active to link to remote locations in the metropolis, making it easier to provide assistance and service to the public,\" he added.

Photo from MMDA traffic discipline office chief Yves Gonzalez\' Twitter acount

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