MMDA warns of heavy traffic tomorrow along Quezon Avenue

Let's thank Willie Revillame for that
Jan 25, 2013


The horrendously busy area of Quezon Avenue in Quezon City--specifically the one near the Timog Avenue and West Avenue intersection--will be even busier tomorrow. That's thanks to the launch of Willie Revillame's new noontime TV show at the Delta Theater.

According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, from 6am to 3pm tomorrow, two lanes of the westbound lane in front of the Delta Theater will be closed to traffic, essentially turning the six-lane thoroughfare into four.

While traffic in the westbound lane is usually light in that area, eastbound lane is frequently heavy due to the number of vehicles trying to make their way into the U-turn slot to get to West Avenue. Add to that the fact that tomorrow is a Saturday, which means the streets are number-coding free, so a lot of vehicles will be out as families enjoy the weekend break.

So, if you find yourself in the area, don't say we didn't warn you.

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