BGC implementing one-way traffic scheme on several roads

Drivers, take note
by Drei Laurel | Aug 14, 2018

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) management has announced it will be implementing a one-way traffic scheme along several roads in the area beginning August 28, 2018.

BGC says the new scheme is in-line with its efforts to improve traffic flow in the area. "Be guided accordingly BGCitizens and share this with your friends to spread the news," BGC's official Facebook page tells motorists.

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 The affected roads are as follows:

1) One-way, North-South

a. Rizal Drive

b. 28th Street

c. 7th Avenue

d. Federacion Drive

e. 9th Avenue

2) One-way, East-West

a. 30th street

3) Two-way

a. McKinley Parkway

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b. 11th Avenue

c. 34th Street

Below you'll find an infographic and announcement video shared by BGC on social media regarding the new traffic scheme.

Earlier this year, BGC management began wheel-clamping operations and installed new speed bumps to improve the city's traffic situation, both for motorists and pedestrians. This move is only the latest development in the area's fight against traffic. Will you be affected by its implementation later this month?

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PHOTO: Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation
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