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The roads to avoid during the Black Nazarene procession

Good luck if you’re passing through the area
PHOTO: Google Maps

Will you be in the City of Manila next week? You may want to think twice about going there. The annual Procession of the Black Nazarene is taking place on January 9, 2019, and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Manila District Traffic Enforcement Unit (MDTU) have announced a handful of road closures.

As usual, heavy traffic is to be expected around the Quirino Grandstand and Quiapo areas over the course of the procession. Below is a full list of road closures provided by the MMDA:

January 7, 11am onwards

  1. Southbound lane of Quezon Boulevard (Quiapo), from A. Mendoza/P. Fugoso Street to Plaza Miranda
  2. Westbound lane of Espana Boulevard, from P. Campa Street to Lerma Street

January 8, 10pm

  1. Katigbak Drive and South Drive (one lane accessible to Manila and H2O Hotel)
  2. Northbound lane of Quezon and MacArthur Bridge, from Bonifacio Shrine onwards
  3. Taft Avenue, from Ayala Boulevard to Bonifacio Shrine

January 9, 12am

  1. Stretch of MacArthur Bridge, Jones Bridge, and Quezon Bridge
  2. Roxas Boulevard from Katigbak Drive to T.M. Kalaw Street
  3. Both lanes of Quezon Boulevard, from A. Mendoza/Fugoso Street and Espana Avenue/P. Campa Street (southbound), and Taft Avenue/Ayala Boulevard (northbound)

You can check out the full announcement and the list of confirmed alternate routes in the embedded post below. The MDTU also points out that some roads will be opened immediately after the tail end of the procession has passed. Drive safe out there.


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PHOTO: Google Maps
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